About Us

Victoria Boston Cleaning; is a fully insured, comprehensive janitorial service company and a family owned and operated business that has been providing professional janitorial services for all types of businesses since 2015 but with 15 years of experience.

Our expert staff provides your facility with a highly specialized service geared to meet all your needs, be it daily, nightly, weekly or monthly cleaning schedules that cover all aspects of building services. All of the services we provide are tailored to meet individual client’s specific needs.

Does your company face any of these problems with your current cleaning service?

* Inconsistent work ethic
* Not getting the quality service you are paying for
* Lack of communication with the supervisors or owners of the company
* You are not provided with the service you require
* You have in-house cleaners that are costing your company too much on workman’s  comp, payroll taxes, vacations & benefits

Our success is based on customer satisfaction. Our future depends on you being a satisfied customer today. Victoria Boston Cleaning wants to serve you as we have and continue to serve so many others.


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