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To prepare for your Victoria Boston Cleaning, it's as simple as this:

  • Please remove clutter so we can effectively clean all surfaces
  • Find a good spot for your pets so they are comfortable while we clean
  • Put out clean sheets if we will be changing your linens

Please don’t spend any time cleaning before we arrive! Cleaning homes is what we do, after all, right? We will even review the details of your Cleaning Plan before we arrive. Here's what else you can expect:

What to Expect Before the Clean 

Most customers are either at work or busy with other plans when we clean, so it's quite common for them to provide us with their garage code or spare key. For added security, we cross reference all house keys. But if you don't feel comfortable leaving us a key or door code, please make sure someone is home during the scheduled cleaning time.

If something comes up that causes a conflict in your cleaning schedule, just call us We appreciate a 72 hour notice, we understand that some situations are just unavoidable.

What to Expect During the Cleaning 

If you’re home when your cleaning professionals arrive, that’s great. Our team will happily work around you allowing for your normal activities in the home. If you’re not home, our team will dust, vacuum and scrub while you're out enjoying some free time.

Our crews complete work Mondays through Fridays, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Along with a smile and an attitude that earns your respect, we arrive with our own cleaning supplies and equipment.

Of course, not all homes are lived in the same way and cleaning thoroughly sometimes means staying a little longer than usual at a home to give it some extra attention. Our teams spend the time needed to get the best possible result.

Payment is requested at the time of the cleaning. Individual offices may have policies that vary, but generally we accept cash or checks.

What to Expect After the Cleaning 

After the initial visit, Victoria Boston Cleaning representative will follow-up asking for your candid feedback on the service. If you would ever like to have changes made to your service, Victoria Boston Cleaning owners will make the adjustments on your account, and those changes will be reflected in your team’s work on their next visit

If something is damaged during the course of a cleaning, then we will make every effort to repair, or when necessary, replace the damaged item. That's because we provide all the necessary insurance to protect your home, property and our employees:

  • Liability: should we damage anything in your home
  • Bonding: to protect your property
  • Auto: to protect our marked vehicles on your property
  • Workers Compensation: should an employee become injured while in your home


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